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Spacial Dynamics South Africa.

Now including Tom's Circus and Games 

Thomas Muller, Spacial Dynamics Practitioner, is seeing clients in both Johannesburg (every 8-12 weeks) and East London.

Tom will again be in Johannesburg 24-25 May 2013. Call Juliette on 082771911 or Tom on 0741009968 to make a booking.


Through Spacial Dynamics anyone can learn to move more efficiently, powerfully and gracefully. This promotes physical health, emotional control and mental clarity.


Spacial Dynamics - who may benefit

 As Treatment and Therapy 

 People with chronic pain

  • Backache
  • Musculosceletal pain
  • Tendonitis e.g. wrist, elbow and shoulder
  • Sport injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Spondylitis
  • Disabilities
  • Scoliosis

People wanting to:

  • Perform better in Sport
  • Perform better at work
  • Be More graceful
  • Be more confident Communicate better

 Movement in Sport and Work

This will increase performance and occupational health and help prevent injury. For that perfect swing in golf, that perfect serve in tennis, that masterful stroke in canoeing…..

 Emotional Health

As a Tool for Improved Emotional Health for the distressed, anxious and depressed – help find calmness in your heart through harmony and focus in your movements.

Improving Posture

As a method of discovering and Improving posture - For those that wish to find a way of moving that is more graceful, beautiful and harmonious.

Tom's Circus Club

Discover the joy of play and learn new skills at Tom’s circus club. It is open to all ages and enjoyed by children and adults alike. Experience a different spacial awareness through juggling, diabolo, stilts, unicycling, rola bola, slack rope walking and much more.

 Discover the potential of the human body by learning to move how it is designed to move. The knowledge and skill brought through the art of Spacial Dynamics can help transform habits – through one-to-one Movement work and hands-on guidance towards a more ideal and efficient way of moving.


Healthy Movement

Pain and effort are often a sign of misuse of our bodies rather than a defect in its design.

 How did you learn to move? Primarily by imitating the people most present in your life during your formative years. We like to blame genetics or some other concept beyond our control for our sore knees, backs and necks and certainly that which we inherit from our parents has relevance. However more useful is the fact that in most cases it is not so much the knee or back that is faulty but the way in which we have learned to use it. The movement habits that we take for granted may actually be directly to blame for fatigue and damage in the body.

These habits sit just outside of our normal everyday consciousness but can be brought to our attention and then transformed into new and better habits that won’t destroy your knee or back or at least limit the damage already done. This gives the body its best chance of being healthy or recovering from illness and injury. The Spacial Dynamics Practitioner is trained to see the one-sided movement habits and has techniques to help re-educate the movement habit in such a way that he pupil or patient will understand what was wrong and how to go about transforming it. In the world of sport coaches have been an integral part of successful training for some time so think of the Spacial Dynamics Practitioner as your universal movement coach specializing in any human activity.

"In Spacial Dynamics one is striving towards a movement that could be recognized as masterful.

We will know that we have reached that point when the following qualities are present:

  • The movement will be economical - they are efficient because there is no superfluous or wasted motion.
  • The movements will be invigorating, giving an increased sense of well-being, both for the mover and the observer.
  • The movements will be beautiful.
  • The movements will create an enhanced state of awareness.

The principles once mastered in one activity will then be available for application to any and all activities of life.”

                             Jaimen McMillan


"Spacial Dynamics Practitioner". Contact Tom on 0741009968